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?It’s hard to stay at home, especially if there are a lot of great establishments to visit in any given community. You would rather spend a whole day in these places rather being bored in your home. Well, your residence in Demonteverde Townhomes II has all the creature comforts you need to make you stay during the weekend.

For starters, each residential unit in Demonteverde Townhomes II is loaded with various features that cater to your comfort and convenience. Once you step inside the bathroom of your future home here, you’ll discover a bidet spray, a mirror coupled with a glass shelf, and a water heater to ensure your bathing time is better than what you have been used to. Along with these features, you can be assured water will not run out anytime you’re at home. Each townhouse unit has a 24 hour water supply and a booster pump to make sure water pressure is always correct. Plus, fusion pump polypropylene resin pipes are used to transmit water to these properties to prevent leaks from robbing your residence of this important resource.

Staying at home doesn’t mean you’re cut off from the world. As a matter of fact, you can reach anyone you want, be informed of the latest news, or spend a whole day filled with the form of entertainment you want. A residence here is afforded with provisions for telephone, cable television, and internet lines. As a result, you can make contact with any person instantly, watch your favorite shows, or keep you social media accounts updated all in the comfort of your own home.

Ventilation is such a crucial requirement for residential living spaces. Fortunately, your place in Demonteverde Townhomes II has that covered. Each townhouse unit has provisions for air conditioners and actual exhaust fans are installed to improve ventilation. At the same time, each bedroom in this place will have wardrobe closets in them to increase your storage capacity.

Being comfortable in your own home is a must when choosing a place to live in. Here in Demonteverde Townhomes II, you can be assured of a level of comfort that’s beyond your expectations. With your basic needs taken care of, you can finally have a life worth living with the people who mean the most to you..

  • 24 hr water supply (Manila Water/Maynilad) with booster pump
  • Fusion pump polypropylene resin pipes for waterlines which dramatically reduces possibility of water leaks
  • Built-in wardrobe closets in all bedrooms
  • Telephone and cable TV outlets in living room
  • Conduit ready for aerial antenna 3rd floor hallway pull box to above roof
  • Provision for window type aircon units in all bedrooms
  • Pozzi brand bathroom fixtures
  • Bidet spray, mirror with glass shelf, towel bar and robe hook at all toilet and bath
  • Alpha brand on demand shower heater at Master's toilet & bath, provision for common toilet & bath
  • Fabricated range hood with exhaust fan
  • Tailless brand exhaust duct fan at toilet & bath without windows
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